Is it possible to turn a girl on AND get her out on a date in only 3 texts?

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You see, these texts are a form of “Sexual Inception” and with them you can plant erotic thoughts deep inside a women’s mind. The guy who came up with this method calls it the “Lock in sequence” and it works like this.

The first text captures attention and awakens her emotions. It also shows her you’re a guy who’s different, exciting and charismatic.

The second texts creates a bond between you. This text deepens the emotional connection, and opens her up to spending more time with you.

The final text is where you heat things up and bring up the put the idea sleeping with her.

And while this might sound incredible it works.

Listen to this video which explains the whole thing.

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You’ll also learn about the “Cinderella effect” which is the MAIN reason why most men look stupid when texting.

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